Lost Island Lutheran Church

We are beginning a slow return to our worship space. The 8:45am Lost Island service will be found on our youtube page by end of day Sunday or you can tune into the livestream at 10:30am on the Bethany/LostIsland Facebook page.

Join us for Worship:

Fellowship and Sunday School for all ages following worship

Lost Island Lutheran

911 address
3797 310th Street
Ruthven, IA 51358

Mailing address:
3532 358th Street
Ruthven, IA 51358

GPS address:
3797 310th Street

Graettinger, IA 51342

Pastor Peter Morlock

Pastor Peter Morlock

Congregation of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

Sunday Bulletin


Annual Meeting Booklet: Meeting: January 26, 2020
unapproved Minutes of Annual Meeting

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Lost Island Lutheran Church
Bethany/Lost Island Parish

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Please pray for the following:

·  Praise God for a successful marching band concert!

·  Praise God that one of the girls in my community group decided to follow Jesus during Encounter! Please pray that she will grow deeper in her relationship with Him.

·  Pray for students who have been experiencing a lot of change and transition.

·  Pray for wisdom for all of the community group leaders as we seek to minister to the students in the best way possible. 

·  Pray for me as I teach band and prepare for the Christmas concert this term. 

Thank you for your partnership with this Wycliffe ministry! 

In Christ,

Courtney Davis

"Heal Our Panes" Window Restoration Campaign

All the windows are done! Stop by anytime and see how beautiful they are.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Stained Glass Window  balcony side light 

Sanctuary window      

 Stained Glass Window     Sanctuaary Window after   
Before               After      

The last 5 windows out for repairs August 26th
returned October 12, 2018

Window out for repair    Small windows out for repair     Balcony Sidelights out for repair

3 windows on the west side of the sanctuary out for repairs on April 21st - returned July 12th
3 windows on the east side of the sanctuary out for repairs on August 3rd - returned October 5, 2017

Window Repair   removal of stained glass windows  Church minus windows

Altar windows and one of the sanctuary windows out for repairs on May 15th - returned August 3rd

Altar Area  - no stained glass   West Sanctuary Window Cartoon Paper  West Sanctuary Window New Leading
double balcony window   
 out for repairs March 9th - returned Easter Sunday!   

Cartoon Paper to lay out the window  Window laid out - old lead Window torn apart Laid out for re-leading   
Curved Window re-leaded ready for solder




Lost Island Lutheran Church

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